Ugly Duck Books

Ugly Duck Books is a company owned by Jesse and Kat.    

They first met at university at York St John in 2008 on a Film and Television production...

Hiya. My name is Jesse Toksvig-Stewart and I come from a very unique family. At the head my family are two wonderfully brilliant and beautiful mothers...


My Amazing Family and Me is a record book for every family.  No matter what type.


Our record book does not specify the age of a child nor the gender and status of the grown ups in their lives.


My Amazing Family and Me is designed as an open record book where everyone can enjoy the fun of documenting a child’s personality, habits, characteristics and life, in whatever family and circumstances they find themselves. Our book is suitable for birth children and adopted, for gay parents and straight, single or coupled, or for children being raised by extended families.

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Ugly Duck Books