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a baby book for same-sex and adoptive parents

My Amazing Family and Me Record Book. For adoptive parents and same-sex parents.

My Amazing Family and Me is a record book for same sex parents, adoptive parents, single or coupled parents.

It is a memory book For every family. No matter what type.

Our memory book does not specify the age of a child nor the gender and status of the people looking after them.

whether you are same sex parents, a family adopting a child or a single parent; our book is inclusive of all family set ups.

My amazing family and me is designed as an open memory book for parents to document their child’s personality, habits, characteristics and life, in whatever family that may be.  

Family Tree in My Amazing Family and Me by Ugly Duck Books

MOre about My Amazing Family and ME

My Amazing Family and Me is a baby and kids record book that will fit any family, and that is what sets us apart from other baby books on the high street. In our eyes all families are amazing and so our book is a reflection of just that.

Our book is full of pages that will accommodate anything you want to record. They're just waiting for you to fill them up with whatever is special to you, along the path of your child¹s journey. To start you off, we’ve decorated the book throughout with wonderful hand-drawn illustrations by Kat.


About US

Ugly Duck Books is a company owned by Jesse and Kat.

They first met at university at York St John in 2008 on a Film and Television production course and bonded over a mutual love of toasties. The rest you could say is history.

After many chats over many cups of tea, they both saw the need for a book like My Amazing Family and Me to be in the world. Having grown up with same sex parents and an adopted sibling Jesse approached Kat and they started the book as a project on their days off from work. Soon enough at the beginning of 2014 Ugly Duck Books was born. 


tor docherty [director of new family social]

"what's great about My Amazing Family and me: it's suitable for birth children and adopted, for gay parents and straight, single or coupled, or for children being raised by extended family."

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After self publishing our book, we realised that it was not only baby books that were aimed at the nuclear family, but so were posters and cards; so we made some of our own to accommodate those two-mUMS and two-daddy families or those welcoming new additions!