About our book


We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and some welcome new family members at ages other than birth, so our record book works for a child of any age, as well as any gender. our baby book for same sex and adoptive parents is designed with non-nuclear families in mind. 

There’s also room for you to use whatever words you want to describe your family relationships, so you’re free to record the way you actually see one another, and the personal names you choose to use, whether they be the traditional ones or something entirely unique.

My Amazing Family and Me is designed as an open record book, where everyone can enjoy the fun of documenting your child’s individual characteristics, experiences, and growth within your home and as part of your family. 

our baby book is full of pages that will accommodate anything you want to record. They’re just waiting for you to fill them up with whatever is special to you, along the path of your child’s journey. To start you off, we’ve decorated the book throughout with wonderful hand-drawn illustrations by Kat.

My Amazing Family and Me will allow you to create a completely unique record for you and your child to enjoy, no matter what shape or style of relationship you have. So get creative and start capturing those precious moments today, before they slip away!